Advanced Renamer 3.75 Crack With Serial Key

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Advanced Renamer 3.75 Crack With Serial Key

Advanced Renamer is a program that is free renaming files that are multiple files at whenever. The names are manipulated in various means by configuring methods that are renaming. It is possible to set up a batch that is enhanced using multiple techniques on an amount that is large of. The 14 techniques that are different you to replace the real names, attributes, and timestamps of files in one go. The files may be relocated or copied to locations being new on information in the files. A brand name name that is new on understood information concerning the file with Advanced Renamer.

it is possible to build new file names by adding, removing, replacing, changing case, or giving the file. Before performing the operations regarding the files, you can confirm that the production will be correct and it, you’re able to undo the entire batch if you perform the regret and rename.

Advanced Renamer is many of that period an application that is resource-friendly, but we’ve found some nagging problems during our assessment. Once we tried including significantly more than 100 just what to the file queue, the scheduled program crashed on Windows 7 workstations.

On the other side, it works much smoother on older Windows iterations where it processes all files in no-time, without any pressing issue with regards to the true range files you wish to rename.


  • Trim filenames
  • New names considering an inventory of names
  • Rename with video tags
  • Move component of filename
  • Replace component of filename
  • Set file timestamps and file characteristics
  • Rename with MP3/ID3 information
  • Remove / Delete component of filename
  • Image renaming with EXIF help
  • use methods that are numerous once
  • Remove pattern from filename
  •  Preview names that are new real-time
  • Tag based renaming
  • Use Regular Expressions and Wildcards
  • Use GPS information from image files
  • Batch modes: Rename, copy, move
  • Change case of filename
  • Supports for both files and folders
  • Change file attributes
  • Undo batch that is previous
  • Change file timestamp
  • Add / Insert text into filename
  • New name with Tags
  • Several renaming methods
  • Display thumbnails of pictures


All things considered, Advanced Renamer is an app that does its job, but it still needs a couple of improvements. It has an interface that is well-organized but a wizard to help users throughout the complete process may come in dead handy.

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Advanced Renamer 3.75 Crack With Serial Key


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